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Wine country experiences around the world & at home in Canada

Incredible wine experiences around the world
Wine Country Experiences

    Okanagan Wine Country

    Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Okanagan wine region is a hidden gem within Canada. Well over 200 vineyards within 250 kilometres hugging stunning lakes and mountain vistas creates a unique wine country experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

    Unlike most websites, you’ll find we separate West Kelowna and Kelowna wineries to avoid confusion. Many websites conflate the two making it difficult for new comers to understand that the bridge can get clogged up in the summer months leading to potential wasted time waiting in traffic. We suggest you dedicate one day or more to each side of the bridge. That way you can maximize your time in West Kelowna and Kelowna with minimal traffic.

    California Wine Experiences

    California is one of my favourite places to explore in the USA. I particularly love Santa Barbara and San Francisco! 

    Las Vegas Wine Experiences

    Las Vegas is home to some of our most favourite food and wine experiences! From wine bars to fine dining and everything in between, it is a foodie’s paradise now more than ever before.

    France Wine Country Experiences

    While in France we experienced some very cool wine related tours and excursions. All of them were curated by yours truly. From a day trip to Reims to a VIP Louvre tour that ended with wine tasting in an old cellar, I can’t wait to get back and experience more of France’s wine regions!

    Venice, Italy Wine Experiences

    I had the privilege of studying abroad in Venice, Italy and throughout the country back in 2010. In many ways, my first travels to Italy led me to begin content creation. I returned in 2014 to explore more of Venice. Many people complain it is a city that has gone to the tourists but I have found that only the tourists say that. Those in the know can find an intimate Venice and that includes living like a local.

    Portugal & Croatia Wine Experiences

    Jenna from That BC Wine Girl contributed her wine country experiences in Portugal and Croatia! Check them out below and don’t forget to give her a follow for more British Columbia wine!

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