Instagram Guide: Kelowna Spring Blossoms

Where are the best spots for Kelowna spring blossoms? We’ve got the goods for you in this guide from a local featuring Kelowna’s best spots for gorgeous blossoming fruit trees. As an avid seeker of blossoms and any sign of spring in the valley I have some great tips for you to capture the oh so Instagrammable season in the Okanagan.

Click on the link or image above to be taken to the Google Map featuring all my favourite locations! 

Upper Mission

Upper mission is my neighbourhood and I love the fact that I can walk to Kelowna’s blossoming cherry orchards and one of Canada’s most visited wineries. Cherries are mostly grown in the area with locales like Sun City Cherries, Lakeside Orchards and Mike & Lizzy’s U-Pick. All these locations now have fences around them to keep out the deer that love to munch on the berries. You can walk along the property of Sun City which leads you to 2 other farms that also host fruit trees including plum and pears. I like this area for a quick pic of the branches that outstretch to the road above the fences or at least near them. If you contact the orchards directly you could organize a walk through with a photographer.

East Kelowna

One of my favourite areas to go to capture the blooming Kelowna spring blossoms is East Kelowna. There are vineyards and orchards nestled side by side each other which makes for a gorgeous spring bike. Driving or biking from Tantalus Winery all the way to Camelot winery or Kitsch Winery offers prime Kelowna spring blossoms, many of which you can wander through. I do suggest saying a hello to your local farmer and asking for permission to step onto their property. Otherwise roadside photos are easy to come by with the amount of wineries and orchards in this area of Kelowna without any fences but again exercise caution and do not trespass.


For some tourists, Rutland might be a four letter word but this area is undergoing a real revamp. I also expect it to be an up and coming area for its food as Olympia, an iconic Greek restaurant that burnt down, is rebuilt with a modern look. I think it will revitalize the area and spur on a wave of transformation. Plus, fun and funky murals are turning this lesser desired area of the city into a stop for those who love to Instagram or appreciate free art. 
For Kelowna spring blossoms check out two local farms including Arndt Orchards and Kempf Orchards. You’ll find a wide range of fruit trees from cherries to peaches and the various colours of blossoms that occur. 

West Kelowna

West Kelowna is not only one of the best areas to explore the Okanagan wine scene but it also offers some prime farm stand stops including Paynter’s Market. Once the Kelowna spring blossoms are complete you must return for u-pick fruit experiences to taste freshly picked fruit at a fraction of the cost.

Instagram Guide: Where to find Kelowna spring blossoms April to May
Instagram Guide: Where to find Kelowna spring blossoms April to May
Instagram Guide: Where to find Kelowna spring blossoms April to May

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