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Hi there and welcome to my site! I’ve been creating food and travel content since 2011 and still going.
I am based in Kelowna, BC, Canada and love my adopted home in wine country.
I’ve always been a BC girl and love to explore my province one weekend at a time.

My love of travel began in 2010 on my first trip to Europe during an art history study abroad program. I had the opportunity to travel to 11 cities of all sizes and tried all of the food and wine I could. I came home with 3500 photos and stories I wanted to tell so I began a travel blog called The Wanderfull Traveler. 

Since then I roped my sister, Taryn, in and rebranded in 2022 to Foodietown.ca.

Most of the articles are written by yours truly. However, we love it when other travel bloggers contribute their food and wine finds! Get in touch if you’d like to submit yours!

Our philosophy on restaurants

FoodieTown.ca is all about finding the locally owned, hidden gems that make each food scene special. From small towns to big cities, it is the locally owned and operated that truly shine.

What’s the point of visiting a chain when you travel?

While they provide convenience- you know what you’re gonna get no matter where you are in the country or the world… but what is the point of visiting a chain especially when you’re travelling?

Why not do something more interesting and check out the locally owned and operated restaurants bars and mom n’ pop shops that need your support? Sure it might take a little bit more work to find them but trust me it is so worth it!

You’re not only gaining a perspective on the food scene of the place you are in during this specific moment in time, but also a glimpse into its past and potential future.

When you spend your money at a locally owned restaurant, that money goes back into the community.

So when someone asks you, where did you eat? You will have a story to tell them about this hidden gem!

Do we break our own rules sometimes? Absolutely, I mean, especially when travelling with kids or picky eaters. But nine times out of 10 you’ll find us at the most amazing local places, eating seasonal dishes, inspired by our local produce. So in the end you are eating a true reflection of the place that you are visiting. You are really travelling!

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