Kelowna’s Wineries: A Complete Guide to the Traditional & Unique Wine Experiences

In Kelowna there are approximately 17 wineries;
14 traditional(ish), in the sense that you can go do a tasting at a winery located within a vineyard.
1 urban winery not located upon a vineyard, but rather in the city.
1 winery producing mead and 1 unique in its own right which I will get to further on in the article.
Note, this list excludes West Kelowna and deserves its own post. Check it out here!

The smaller and more manageable number of wineries in Kelowna is definitely convenient for the newcomer. If it’s your first time to Kelowna then you can use this comprehensive list to pick and choose which wineries interest you.

If you leave it to a tour they’ll break it down similarly, by location. But if you prefer to beat your own path by all means pick and choose based on which wineries have an onsite restaurant, which produce Pinot Noir, Riesling, bubbles or any other favourite varietals you have.

Tasting fees can run anywhere from $4-$20 (although there are exceptions of $100 per person at Martin’s Lane if you can get in) but MIGHT be waved if you purchase a bottle. With the urban wineries you will run into different scenarios each specific to their own location.

Let me know what your preferred style of winery is in the comments at the bottom of this post.

The Traditional

The 10 traditional wineries can be broken up by location; The Lakeshore wine route & the East Kelowna wine bench.

Lakeshore Wine Route

1. Tantalus Winery

One of my favourite wineries for both the exceptional wines produced as well as the impressive vineyard and view, Tantalus is the nearest winery on the Lakeshore Wine Route to downtown Kelowna. Just recently, Tantalus requires reservations for tastings on the weekends because of the demand. I highly recommend you book a reservation if you’re not joining a wine tour that includes Tantalus within a stop (many do). But if you find yourself taking in the views of orchards, vineyards and the lavender farm on a week day Tantalus is a great stop over. I enjoy popping in when I can after a quick visit with my parents who live in the area. Not a bad winery to have in the neighbourhood!

Tantalus ↗

1670 DeHart Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4N6

Known For

Their extensive riesling on offer and delicious sparkling wines. Pinot noir is also popular.

Other Useful Info

Book your tasting prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. No restaurant on site.

2. Summerhill Pyramid Winery

100% organic and biodynamic vineyard, Summerhill is my neighbourhood winery!
A great option for those looking to take in some sprawling views of the Okanagan Lake while dinning at the coveted restaurant. Reservations recommended! The Bistro offers vegan and gluten free options. However, I go here for the charcuterie and cheese, Okanagan valley views and their award winning bubbles such as the Cipes Brut, Cipes Blanc de Noir and Cipes Blanc de Blanc.
Aside from the bubbly the Summerhill Pyramid Winery is also known for its, well, pyramid. The Pyramid is thought to amplify the contents of each bottled that graces its interior.

Summerhill Winery ↗

4870 Chute Lake Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M3

Known For

Aside from their biodynamic and organic practices and their pyramid, Sparkling wines and ice wine take stage.

Other Useful Info

Restaurant, high tea (seasonal) and views for days. Make a reservation for tasting and dining.

3. St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate

A boutique winery that had to rebuild after the devastating 2003 fire which destroyed 200 homes and acres of vineyard. It is an 80 acre vineyard and has been so since 1928 – a bragging right that only a few other wineries can attest to. All their wines are also 100% estate grown which means that they do not buy grapes from others nor do they have any other vineyard land to the south or north of the valley. They offer more varietals than most Kelowna wineries such as Schonberger, Chasselass and Pinot Blanc, Marechal Foch, Gamay Noir and Family Reserve Pinot Noir.

St Hubertus & Oak Bay ↗

5205 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4J1

Known For

Pinot noir and riesling but have an extensive red and white wine catalogue of wine to try

Other Useful Info

Reserve a tasting or buy the tasting experience online

4. CedarCreek Winery

Now owned by Mission Hill Estate (located directly across the lake from each other), CedarCreek is another local favourite for dining with a killer patio and architectural presence. The Home Block restaurant offers a multicourse dining experience that should be reserved prior to arrival. If you haven’t been back to the Okanagan in recent years but remember CedarCreek as it once was, then you’ll be floored with the changes made.

CedarCreek ↗

5445 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4S5

Known For

Red and white wine lovers will find something. I personally love their rosé and a dedicated staff – ask for Alex – who offer vertical flight side by side tastings if you’re nice.

Useful Info

Reservations all around for tastings and dining. Try to know a local who is an Aspect wine club member.

5. Martin’s Lane

Right next door to CedarCreek winery is Martin’s Lane.
The word of the day for Martin’s Lane is Exclusive. You can’t get past the gates without a reservation so you do feel the exclusion as you gaze up at this dark towering building behind CedarCreek’s Home Block restaurant.  In order to get in you either have to know the Von Mandl family, owner of Mission Hill and (as of 2016) CedarCreek, or request a reservation on the website. Fingers crossed you hear back.
Is it just me or does their website and labels have a distinct planet Mars vibe? Similar to The Martian film font and colour scheme? But I digress… Tastings here can run you $100 per person with a mandatory commitment to buy a box of wine.

Martin’s Lane ↗

5437 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4S5

Known For

Pinot noir, riesling and $$$$

Other Useful Info

Food not included with the hefty $100 tasting fee. Let me know what it is like if you can get in!

6. Scorched Earth

You’ll have to make an appointment with the owner for a tour and tasting. They’ll work with you as best as they can even if you are asking last minute. Cost is a very affordable $25 per person and this includes a tour! Also located on the Lakeshore wine route, it is worth a stop especially if you’re into lesser known wineries and a more intimate one and one discussions with the winemakers. It is a family run boutique winery and one of my favourite wine tasting experiences in Kelowna. There’s no tasting room per se but a porch that offers an incredible view and comfortable patio seating. This is exclusive without the Martin’s Lane price!

Scorched Earth ↗

6007 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4J5

Known For

Pinot noir and Syrah are their only varietals. However, the pinot noir rosé is tops as are all their wines.

Other Useful Info

Keep an eye out for wildlife. We saw a golden eagle during our tasting. Bears are common and love the pinot noir grapes.

7. Sperling Winery

This is the winery located in between the East Kelowna Bench and the Lakeshore Wine Route. Situated on historical land where Father Pandosy first settled – check out the historical site two doors down – hence the location on Pioneer Rd. With four generations having farmed the land grapes have been grown on site since 1920s. The varietals and vines there today, however, are more contemporary with the oldest being from the around the 1970s.

Sperling Winery ↗

1405 Pioneer Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M6

Known For

Organic, natural offerings like the Amber wine and sparkling wines. Collaborations keep things interesting and always a reason to come back.

Other Useful Info

Reserve a tasting during high season. Located next door to a historic Mission site and is itself a historic property.

Fab Five Wine Route / East Kelowna Bench

This is where a bit of confusion can come into play. If you visit you’ll find only 3 wineries that stretch across 5 kms. However, if you look to Tourism Kelowna you’ll find 5 wineries listed – which of course there are were 5 wineries upon the East Kelowna Bench (now there are arguably 6 with the latest addition of Kitsch Wines and Nagging Doubt – House of Rose has permanently closed as of 2022).

Whether this is a mistake in marketing, or the 3 wineries believe themselves to be in East Kelowna while the others arguable may not be, it doesn’t really matter to those seeking the wine. All that matters is that there are now 6 wineries you should check out in the general area of the East Kelowna Wine Bench starting with…

8. Nagging Doubt

Tucked away amongst Soma Cider, Kelowna Lavender Herb Farm and Tantalus in the Crawford area is Nagging Doubt. Definitely a great add on to our East Kelowna E-Bike excursion, Nagging Doubt focuses on wine making with natural fermentation and foot stomping. A boutique winery enabling you to meet the wine maker and explore the property.

Nagging Doubt ↗

4513 Sallows Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4C2

Known For

4 wines – 2 red and 2 white are currently on offer. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are delicious.

Other Useful Info

Reserve a tasting online or find their wine at liquor stores selling BC wine selections.

9. Spearhead Winery

Located on a beautiful property amongst an area of Kelowna it is a quick and gorgeous escape from the city. Get your camera ready to take photos of apple, pear and cherry trees in between vineyards within the East Kelowna Bench.

Another point of confusion – the winery is Spearhead however, on some bottles it has Spierhead. I believe that you can break it down by where the wines come from. Basically, the Rose, Riesling and White Pinot Noir (a personal favourite) have their label written as “Spearhead” while all others – such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris – have Spierhead – being located on Spiers Road…does this matter? It may for those looking on the shelves at your local wine store. Confusing as it may be, the wines are anything but confounding.

The White Pinot Noir (2017) is delicious and a prize to bring home as it is difficult to make white wine from a red pinot noir grape. Additionally, give their Pinot Gris a try for tropical notes and dive into their well represented Pinot Noir collection.

Spearhead Winery↗

3950 Spiers Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4B3

Known For

Pinot noir, Rosé, Chardonnay and a very tasty Pinot Gris

Other Useful Info

In Summertime you can find food trucks there on Fridays. Reservations recommended for Foodie Fridays or tastings.

10. Kitsch Winery – Permanently Closed

From the creator of Saxx Underwear, Kitsch wine is located on one of the most impressive properties with a large private mansion and the back garage operating as the tasting room (although a new tasting room is rumoured). The vineyards cascade to reveal the view spanning the Okanagan Lake, Lower Mission and Downtown Kelowna. Pinot Noir, Resiling and Pinot Gris are the three varietals in production. However, Kitsch Wine is just getting started – you can keep up to date with new wines and yearly events through their Instagram Stories. If you know a local who is a member you can score a ticket to their annual Garden Party!

Kitsch Winery ↗

3330 Neid Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4H5

Known For

Riesling, Rosé and Block Party white wine blend.

Other Useful Info

A great collection of contemporary art in found in tasting room. Reservations, food truck and picnic experiences on offer.

11. The Vibrant Vine

Popular for their tied-dyed sleeve labels, the Vibrant Vine is another winery that offers crowd pleasing wines. Located in a 1937 converted heritage home, their most awarded and famed wine is the “Whoops” named for a labeling mistake – the label put on upside down. In 2013, Whoops was awarded best white wine the world at the World Wine Competition in Geneva, Switzerland. VIP tastings are offered in their cellar but I recommend you contact prior to inquire.

If you can’t swing the VIP it’s a great spot to grab a glass and hang out on their tasting room lawn and take in one of their seasonal events.
I must also note that The Vibrant Vine owns the Okanagan Villa Estate Winery so you are technically getting 2 in 1 on this visit.

The Vibrant Vine ↗

3240 Pooley Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4G7

Known For

Known for their Whoops! white blend. Great lawn picnic seating.

Other Useful Info

Reservations recommended. Watch for live music and shows.

12. Priest Creek Estate Winery

Priest Creek Estate Winery is one of the newest Kelowna wineries and yet it is located on a historic piece of land that has been in use since the missionaries during the 19th century. In 1860s is was used as a ranch to raise cattle to feed Rock Creek during the gold rush. Recently, the property was sold to a couple looking to develop a boutique winery involving their children as much as possible. Darren and Jane Sawin are in the tasting room pouring their delicious wines, telling the tales of the property as well as how their winery came to be. They are making some of Kelowna’s best wine across the board. Definitely a unique opportunity for locals and those in search of a hidden gem in the Okanagan wine valley.

Priest Creek ↗

2555 Saucier Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4B7

Known For

A fantastic selection that hasn’t been the same from year to year yet. Red and white offerings worth a try.

Other Useful Info

Reserve your tasting or grab a bottle and sit on their cozy patio. Food trucks have been known to set up shop. Keep an eye out for events.

13. The View

The View winery offers no view at all really, however, it was their intention. As they changed a portion of their land from orchard to vineyard they had big plans to offer a view from the tasting room on top of their 1928 packing house. However, due to logistics and physics the tasting room is located on the bottom floor – but what a handsome vintage tasting room it is! Along with wine tasting you can also try their ciders.
The wine steward may tell the tale of how live Pinotage South African vines ended up being planted in Canada.

The View ↗

2287 Ward Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4R5

Known For

Pinotage, Pinot noir, ciders. A historic apple packing plant.

Other Useful Info

Reserve your tasting. Watch for events.

14. Camelot Winery – Permanently Closed

A knights tale at a boutique winery. Velvet seats fixed upon wooden carved thrones greet you at the door but upon entry it is a towering suit of armour surrounded by bottles of Camelot wines staring you down in the small tasting room.
This winery is owned by a spouse team who work for an airline. They are required to fly to London once per week which enables them to bring back UK cheeses for their weekly cheese plate. Grab a cheese plate and bottle to enjoy on the picnic tables surrounded by vineyard.

Camelot Winery ↗

3489 E Kelowna Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4H1

Known For

Kitschy medieval decor. Boutique winery features Pinot noir, riesling & rosé.

Useful Info ↗

No reservations required and the tasting fee is still that great $5 price as other wineries are increasing fees.

Kelowna’s Urban Winery

15. Sandhill

Located in the North End brewery district, Sandhill offers wine tastings of both Sandhill Wines and you can find Gretzky Wines in the back. It is the oldest location of a winery in British Columbia and has a contemporary lounge area giving it the vibe of a discovery centre for both wineries. Watch for events.

Sandhill ↗

1125 Richter St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2K6

Known For

A huge selection of wines.

Other Useful Info

No restaurant but watch for great foodie events that have taken place here in the past.

16. Frequency Winery – Permanently Closed

These Kelowna wines in studio are aged and infused with harmonic sound frequencies created by artists who perform live. Those who come into the winery can watch and listen to Canadian artists recording their music while also putting out “good vibes” helping to infused the wine with sound frequencies as well and positivity. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across and makes it in a league of its own.

Frequency ↗

3210 Gulley Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4E5

Known For

A truly good wine available in a can.

Other Useful Info

Book your tasting. If you’re an artist looking for a recording studio you might want to consider Frequency!

Honey Wine Producers AKA Mead

17. Meadow Vista Honey Wines

If you’re in the mood for something a little different then check out Meadow Vista for their varied offerings of honey wines. Located in the East Kelowna area, it’s a perfect little add on for when you’re touring through the East Kelowna Bench.

MeadowVista ↗

3975 June Springs Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4E4

Known For

Honey wine and mead

Other Useful Info

Events and a bee education trail.

Updated for 2023


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