Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas in Kelowna, BC

It is more expensive than ever to go out and enjoy the Okanagan. From gas prices to dining out and tipping, it all adds up. But there are some great budget friendly date night places to be found throughout Kelowna.

The go-to for a date night is almost always dinner out. Food is the great connector. Food brings us together no matter if it is a first date or your 20th wedding anniversary, there’s always conversations to be had over good food & drink. These are my go-to options when I’ve lined up a babysitter.

Provisions Kitchen & Catering

If you’ve been here long then you’ll know we LOVE Provisions and the entire CrAsian team. The founders, sisters Courtney & Meiko Koga are the sisters behind CrAsian Food Truck and of course Provisions. It doesn’t hurt that they have Top Chef Canada alumni Chef Brock Bowes creating Big Boards.

If you’re looking for a budget dinner to go or to stay you MUST order their Big Boards. Each week a new Big Board menu is released on their social media page. You send them a DM or follow their link to claim your board for dine in or take out. Limited availability so don’t stall!

Their Big Boards are truly legendary at my household. We love to grab a big board, especially when there’s a beef involved. Past menus have included lobster, ribeye, Thanksgiving dinner, and pork rack scallopini to name a few. Always big on taste with a beautiful presentation. 

Provisions ↗

If you’re coming to Kelowna, eat here. It’s truly the gem of the city in the heart of the North End beer scene.

Average Price

Ranges from $80-$100+

Useful Info

One big board could easily feed 4 people. Depends on how hungry you are though!

Go For Coffee or Tea at One of Our Stylish Cafes

Kelowna coffee
Kelowna budget date night
Kelowna budget date night

I love coffee and can drink it almost any time of day. There’s no better way to get to know someone than relaxing at one of our stylish coffee shops in Kelowna over a cuppa. Check out my list of coffee shops pouring an expertly made cup in gorgeous surroundings.

Go Out During Happy Hour

midtown station in Kelowna happy hour
Frankie we salute you in Kelowna happy hour
BNA Kelowna happy hour

Kelowna has some great locations with happy hour. As always, we only post about the locally owned and operated. While chains have their place, we are all about supporting local. Locally owned businesses spend on average 70 cents per dollar earned within their community. You can find a list of our favourite Happy Hour locations in Kelowna here. But be sure not to miss Frankie, We Salute You, Midtown Station and any of our favourite breweries.

Get a Kelowna Foodie Card

To help save you money on dining out, coffee, or specialty shopping the Kelowna Foodie Card allows you to do just that. The card lasts from Jan 1st to Dec 31s within that calendar year. On the back of the card you have a list of restaurants and participating locations or as a reminder you can scan the QR code on the front of the card with your phone. You’ll find offers exclusive to cardholders like 20% off or buy on get one. The entire card has a potential savings of over $300 on average. 

Check Out a Food Truck

Kelowna has some fantastic food trucks to discover. Trust us! We did the leg work for you.
From the not-so budget friendly Lobster Pot (but boy is it worth it!) to the always delicious The Spot Food Truck and so many in between to discover. 

Go For a Hike

Kelowna has some incredible hikes and I particularly love Paul’s Tomb from Spring to Fall. There’s a perfect little rock to sit together, enjoy the view and reconnect. If you’re looking for some less populated hikes you can find more suggestions including Layer Cake here.

Bike South East Kelowna – Bring a camera!

If you’re new to Kelowna or want to bike in one of the most gorgeous neighbourhoods then South East Kelowna is your best bet. Bring a camera for a romantic photoshoot amongst vineyards and orchards. You can find a suggested itinerary with distilleries, wineries and fruit stands here.

Go Wine Tasting at one of Kelowna’s Many Wineries

Kelowna has a great selection of wineries and wine experiences from the traditional to unusual & one even located within walking distance of downtown. Kelowna has yet to catch up to the growing trend of urban wineries as compared to the USA wine regions. I expect this to change in the future, especially with Mission Hill having bought a historic building that they have slowly been renovating in the heart of downtown Kelowna. But for now you can find Sandhill Wines and Gretzky Wines being served in the heart of the North End district. Find a full list of Kelowna wineries and which one is right for you here. 

Battle of the Wines

One of the most affordable wine related events to attend in the Okanagan right now is the Battle of The Wines. I had the pleasure of attending in summer of 2022 at Priest Creek Winery. The cost of each event is around $70 with tax. You get to taste 10 Okanagan wines and the hosts walk you through rating them. Often the wines are paired with food like french fries or Nashville Hot Chicken. It’s approachable and never stuffy. Events are hosted throughout the Okanagan so follow along on their social media for the latest.


budget date night in Kelowna

I will say Kelowna has a decent selection of arcade spaces. The Energyplex offers a smaller arcade with a bar space for a few cocktails in between winning those tickets. 
Scandia will always be a favourite with mini golf, go-karts, batting cages, an arcade, classic pin ball machines, and a dedicated area for kids to earn their tickets with skee ball or whack a mole. 
There are now two locations where a virtual arcade is offered: Virtual Arcadia and Xperience Exit Room & VR arcade. 

Go for Dessert

Skip the pricey 3 course meal and drinks! Go out for dessert at one of our favourite sweet stops in Kelowna. From the classic Sandrine’s French Chocolate & Pastry to QB Gelato’s decadent offerings, dessert can be a sweet surprise to spice up any evening.

Movie Nights

Kelowna theatres are a classic date night idea. Tuesdays are always cheaper and skip the candy (or better yet sneak in those snacks). I cannot say enough about Kelowna’s newest theatre experience, Bernie’s Supper Club. For only $12 (old films) to $13 (new releases) per person you can get a seat at Kelowna’s latest restaurant experience from the people behind city favourites like BNA & Skinny Duke’s. You can order food and drink. To keep cost low, share a bottle of wine, maybe get an appetizer or two and enjoy.

Sports Night

Score some cheap tickets to a Kelowna Rockets hockey game or a Kelowna Falcons baseball game. Tickets can be as low as $20 per seat. You can usually get cheaper tickets if you approach the box office after the event has already begun.

Book Shops & Poetry Slams

If you want to get to know someone follow them around a book store. My favourite book shop in Kelowna is Mosaic Books but you can also find the Book Bin in the Pandosy/SOPA area. Of course the Kelowna Library is a great option too with the occasional events hosted by students from the UBCO creative writing department (I know from experience). You can also find great slam poetry or open mic readings by following the Inspired Word Cafe.

UBCO Events

As an alumni I must urge you to keep an eye out for unique events and famous figures that come to talk at the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia. Past speakers have been astronaut Colonel Chris Hatfield, artist Judy Chicago, and one of my favourite local poets, George Bowering. 

Foraging with Scott Moran

Foraging in the Okanagan
Kelowna forager

Something a little more wild would be heading out on a foraging mission with local professional forager, Scott Moran. We had the opportunity to interview him on our podcast and it was really a fascinating and educational conversation. DM Scott to discuss a trip with him into the woods. Otherwise, you can buy his products at the Kelowna Farmers’ Market.

Kelowna Ghost Tours

New to Kelowna in 2022 is Kelowna Ghost Tours run by Grant Richard. We had an opportunity to interview him for our podcast on our Halloween episode. As a local school teacher he seizes the opportunity to run tours during the summer months but be on the look out for special tours during the spooky season!
Listen below now!

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