Dining at Superfrico Supper Club at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

One of our favourite dining experiences in Las Vegas was and still remains Superfrico Supper Club at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. From the secretive entrance, the speakeasy, the dinner and a show on various levels makes for a truly Vegas dining experience. So let’s get to it and explore our dining experience at Superfrico Supper Club in Las Vegas.

What is the Superfrico Supper Club?

Superfrico Supper Club is hard to put your finger on as it isn’t just one thing. First of all it is an experience. You’ll soon understand that nothing is what it seems. The front door is this tall and heavy door where a man in a black suit will open the door for you revealing a octagonal room with a vaulted ceiling glowing with neon blue lighting. Another door opens where the check in desk with a vending machine sits behind it. There will be a light line to get seating. We arrived at 5 pm to avoid the busy time and guaranteed a table-side burrata but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Once you are checked in your waitress will come and show you through yet another door that leads to you to the dining room. The dining room is separated into 2 spaces, a bar area and a proper dining room with tables and booths. You’re surrounded by unusual art and glowing lights. Ask your waiters and they’ll direct you to unusual interactive objects like a slot machine poetry maker as seen in the video above.

Where is Superfrico Supper Club at The Cosmopolitan Hotel?

The Superfrico Supper Club is located inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino on Level 2 and at the end of the long hallway. The Cosmopolitan is one of the best hotels for foodies in Las Vegas. Home to restaurants like Momofuku by Chef David Chang, Beauty and Essex (another supper club with a different vibe), Egg Slut and ecclectic food hall.

How to get a reservation at Superfrico Supper Club?

Quite frankly, it all depends on the time of year and events occurring. Sometimes restaurants can be bought out so that no public entry is allowed. I’ve arrived at restaurants only to be turned away because Google or Home Depot reserved the entire restaurant during a busy trade show week. Most restaurants accept reservations 30-60 days prior to your desired date so make a note of it in your calendar.
If you’re staying at the hotel you can speak directly to the concierge and they may make a reservation earlier with a credit card on file. If you’re just arrived and are looking to get in but it appears booked, I suggest talking with concierge or try to walk in for bar seating. There are many no-shows so you might get lucky.

Superfrico Supper Club tableside mozzarella

How to secure a Table-Side Mozzarella?

If you watched the video above you’d have seen the table-side buffalo mozzarella. I requested this in my reservation notes and made an early reservation as they only serve about 12 per night. It is amazing to watch curds turn into silky strings of mozzarella before it is balled into a warm purse and topped with house made basil olive oil. At the time of our visit, the Mozzarella dish was $75 and comes with meat, antipasto and a fresh loaf of bread.

Superfrico Supper Club pistachio mortadella

Is the food any good at Superfrico?

Compared to some supper clubs the food is quite accessible and a departure from fine dining which makes it such a crowd pleaser. The portions are larger in size so you won’t leave hungry. We adored the Postachio Mortadella Square pizza and would definitely recommend dining here. We would especially recommend it for parties and are going to be booking a spot for a Bachelorette party we are planning!

What happens at Superfrico in Las Vegas?

It is different each and every time. During our visit at 5 pm we had competitive ballerinas emerge and dance around the room. They would then fight each other launching one another into the opposing room. Other times there’d be a man walking around with a penguin mask. A singer comes out to do a song. Tap dancers do a number on a narrow booth platform. There’s a DJ who spins Las Vegas’ only all vinyl sound track so it is a place to eat, drink and party the evening Vegas-style.

Speakeasy – Ski Lodge

Few people know about the hidden Ski Lodge inside Superfrico. Ask your waitress about it and after you complete your dinner they’ll show you inside. This small speakeasy feels and looks like you’re in a ski lodge in the Swiss Alps. Three windows behind the bar show a wintry scene. Ski memorabilia decor each and every nook and cranny. A cocktail list and snacks from Superfrico can be ordered to your table or bar so if you’re a smaller party and want a cosier vibe then you can head here instead. You can find the door to the Ski Lodge by looking for a brown door with a bronze skier on it. It is located near the entrance to the Wicked Spoon Buffet and the Superfrico entrance doors.

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