Top 3 Las Vegas Breakfasts: To-Go, To-Stay & Buffet

If you’ve been reading my website for long you might know that I love Vegas. I go at least once a year. I enjoy gambling, the shows, the kitschiness of it all. But I especially love the food. I am well versed in all of the food options in Las Vegas from late late (like Johnny Rockets at 4 am), late lunch charcuterie, dinner on the cheap and the luxe. And despite my occasional late nights (and rough mornings) I am also well versed in a good breakfast. You must eat breakfast while in Las Vegas, not only to start your day of abuse in the hot sun with a cold drink in your hand, but also because this town offers some of the best options.

Here are a few Las Vegas Breakfasts to get you through those rough mid-mornings or to feed you famished early risers.

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To-Go Breakfast / Brunch

If you don’t want to waste your time at a sit down establishment there are two places that come to mind for a hearty breakfast on the go.

Egg Slut at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

On the second level from the casino floor is the famed breakfast hot spot heralding the ooey gooey eggs that everyone loves in the morning. Depending on what time you get up in the morning you may experience a line. The earlier you get here the better. 9 am there’s a line and a fight for a spot to inhale your burger breaky.

A classic breakfast go-to is the Bacon, Egg & Cheese served on a brioche bun with a runny egg. These are two hand burgers hence the reason everyone wants to sit down and enjoy their meal. It’s messy but worth it.
If you crave something even more hearty they have the Gaucho sandwich with wagyu tri-tip steak with a runny egg, chimichurri also on brioche. Additionally, if you want something a little less messy their specialty “Slut” is served in a glass jar and has a soft poached coddled egg atop potato purée served with toasted baguette.

GoCity Las Vegas

Sit Down Breakfast with a View

Las Vegas has endless options when it comes to sit down breakfasts. Bouchon’s is a very solid choice but I like my breakfast to have a view and good food.

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel & Casino

Crêpes, waffles, crab eggs benny and fresh pressed juices are the reason I trek to the centre of the Las Vegas strip for breakfast. The Paris Hotel & Casino is directly across from The Bellagio fountains so you can catch a free show as you sip your coffee and await your breakfast. Deemed as one of the best places to people watch, Mon Ami Gabi has great lunch and dinner options as well. It can be busy so if you want to snag a spot on the coveted outdoor patio get there on off times – in Vegas that means early (before 9 am) or later in the morning around 11:30 when people begin to wake up.

Classic Las Vegas Buffet

There’s no shortage of buffets in Vegas. It’s a pricier option but for those that can eat their weight in food and drink it is well worth it. Depending on your hotel the buffet can be offered at a discounted rate for guests. This is especially true for guests of the Wynn Hotel & Casino.

The Legendary Buffet at The Wynn Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas Breakfasts

The extensive offerings at the Wynn put other buffets to shame. From endless seafood, desserts, classic breakfasts (eggs, toast, croissants, etc.) for the purists and mimosas abound. The colourful decor and fresh flowers are a pleasant revival in the morning and as a bonus for guests it is directly across from the pool entrance if you need a cold dip to further awaken the senses.
Admittedly the Wynn is also my favourite place to stay in Las Vegas but that’s another post entirely.

What’s one of the best Las Vegas breakfasts you’ve had?

top 3 las vegas breakfasts
top 3 las vegas breakfasts
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  1. My friend and his wife recently visited Las Vegas for three days during their tour of the west coast. They sent me photos of the buffets they had in Vegas and said this is the place by far to get over indulged lol.

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