Top 9 Best Brunch in Kelowna

Top 9 Best Brunch in Kelowna

Brunch is one of my favourite weekend luxuries, no matter where I am. And brunch in Kelowna, well we have no shortage of options. As a parent I tend to rise early and brunch spots tend not to open until mid morning which can be troublesome when you’ve woke with a hungry kiddo. So I’ve got a solution for you parents too. Check out brunch in Kelowna, tag me in your foodie journeys and let me know what you think!

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1. Provisions at Kettle River Brewing

This place shows up a lot on my site. Sisters Courtney and Meiko Koga, along with Chopped Canada Champ Brock Bowes, make incredibly inventive menus and switch them up often. This team is behind BoxcAr at BNA, Provisions at Kettle River Brewing and the CrAsian Food Truck.

On Sundays, you can find their Brunch Big Boards (limited quantities) from noon onward until they run out. I suggest reserving yours to guarantee a spot and a brunch board. The menu switches up often so check their social media to find the latest and greatest.

Provisions ↗

731 Baillie Ave., Kelowna, V1Y 7E9


Platters, appies, innovative menu changed every 2 weeks.

Other Useful Info

No reservations necessary. However, big boards are reserved/sell out in advance.

2. Diner Deluxe

The latest addition to the brunch scene is Diner Deluxe. This small Canadian “chain” hails from Alberta and has arrived in Kelowna to great reviews. Located across from Gyro Beach on Lakeshore in the Pandosy area, you cannot go wrong with their menu, although expect a wait if you get there late.

This is where parents should go as soon as their kiddo gets up – assuming your kids wake up at reasonable hours. Diner Deluxe opens at 8 am and couldn’t be more kid friendly. With comfortable high chairs, booster steps in the bathrooms so the kids can reach the faucets, as well as change tables. They’ve thought of everything! A solid kids menu is also available.
But, this isn’t any Denny’s. This is a modern diner.

It’s stylish interior and adult menu items like spicy chicken and waffles or variations of eggs benny make this a well rounded family favourite with style.

Diner Deluxe ↗

3477 Lakeshore Rd. #132, Kelowna V1W 3S9


Brunch, Canadian, Super Kid-friendly

Other Useful Info

Line up early as there is always a wait to get in.

3. Krafty Kitchen

Have you ever heard of a hip hop brunch? You can find it at Krafty Kitchen on weekends – reservations recommended – located downtown. With brunch bowls like Lil Kimchi with pork belly, house made kimchi and hollandaise and gooey eggs, or the WILL.I.AM is Vegan benedict, you’ll find the rich flavours and textures you crave at brunch. It’s a fun atmosphere and the food is always good, even if it is vegan!

Krafty Kitchen ↗

281 Lawrence Ave. Kelowna, V1Y 6L2


Contemporary, Canadian

Other Useful Info

Reservations recommended. Outdoor dinning.

4. Sunny’s Modern Diner

Another modern diner but this one retains the bar seating that I love at old fashioned joints. This is strictly a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot open from 7:30 am to 3:30. If you require a high chair I don’t recommend choosing Sunny’s because it is a smaller diner with limited space. It can be tough for groups of 4-6 to get in all together.

The first time I went it was early on my husband’s birthday after a night of celebrating. I was so hungry and couldn’t decide what I wanted. The classic eggs benny called to me as well as an iced tea, strawberry shake and black coffee. It was delectable! The eggs benny is unique in that the benedict sauce is whipped making it airy and light, rather than heavy and overly rich.

Sunny’s ↗

235 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, V1Y 1J5


Contemporary brunch, Canadian

Other Useful Info

No reservations. Get there early to avoid a long line.

5. The Train Station Pub

Okay, I know. It’s a lot of eggs bennys but I mean Canadians love them! My US friends always take note on how many different kinds of eggs benedicts Canadians offer at our restaurants and the Train Station Pub is no different. I love them for their Parkora eggs benny with crunchy vegetable pakoras replacing the traditional english muffins and the sweet chutney alongside the salty & creamy benedict creates such a unique flavour combo I couldn’t not include it! They open at 9:30 am and, bonus, offer WEEKDAY brunch! 

The Train Station ↗

1177 Ellis St., Kelowna, V1Y 1Z5


Pub, Brunch, Canadian

Other Useful Info

Always something going on including live music and events. Great beer selection.

6. Soul de Cuba

Kelowna, and perhaps the Okanagan’s, only Cuban restaurant has both the traditional brunch items on their menu as well as Cuban inspired breakfasts. Cuban style benedict, Cuban scramble and the El Cubanito breakfast sandwich all pair well with their mimosa if you’re looking for something a little different. Opens at 8:30 am and is just around the corner from the Delta Resort.

Soul de Cuba Café ↗

101-1180 Sunset Dr., Kelowna, V1Y 9W7


Cuban Canadian, Brunch, Lunch

Other Useful Info

Small cafe tucked in behind the Dolphins apartments.

7. The Curious Artistry & Alchemy Café

The perfect location for a slow morning breakfast, expertly made coffee from their behemoth of an espresso machine and sometimes a DJ appears on Sundays for Champagne brunch. I like to go here for the classic 2 eggs breakfast served with delicious toasted brioche and sausage. Why mess with a classic? Opens at 11 am so it’s great if you’ve overslept.

The Curious ↗

1423 Ellis St., Kelowna, V1Y 2A3


Contemporary, Italian, Canadian, Cocktails

Other Useful Info

Tucked inside is Bar Norcino, a speakeasy of sorts. Great for private events.

8. The Bohemian Cafe

Bahn mi Benny. This town never ceases to amaze with creativity. But there’s more than benny’s at the Boh. Omelettes, english muffin breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal pancakes, vegan and traditional huevos rancheros or the Boh Combo where you can make your own with 4 selections of whatever they offer! I suggest going early because this place gets busy, so busy you can’t get in. On weekends it opens at 8:30 am and on Sundays only breakfast is served until close (2:30 pm). 

The Boh↗

524 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, V1Y 6P1


Canadian, Brunch, Lunch

Other Useful Info

A local favourite. Join their Google waitlist to avoid a line.

9. OEB Breakfast Co.

New to Kelowna in 2022 is OEB Breakfast, another Albertan chain in the same realm as Diner Deluxe. Breakfast poutines, hearty crepes topped with browned butter hollandaise, french toast, waffles, pancakes and all the new brunch necessities that we never knew we needed. These places are why Canada, in my humble opinion, has the world’s best brunch culture!


1590 Ellis St., Kelowna, V1Y 2A7


Contemporary Canadian Brunch

Other Useful Info

Join online waitlist to avoid a wait!

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