10 Best Places to Grab The Best Coffee in Kelowna, BC

Thank goodness for coffee shops am I right? It’s where new moms can go to feel human over a cup of coffee and some conversation with a friend. People can break up, make up or meet for a blind date at a coffee shop. You can get away from everyone while being surrounded by everyone as you type away on your laptop with earphones. It is central to our culture here in Kelowna. The best coffee in Kelowna can be found throughout the city. And believe me, I would know. I make it a mandate to check out coffee shops wherever I go because I cannot start my day without one.

These are some of my favourite coffee shops in Kelowna because if their quality coffees are served in chic atmospheres where aesthetic reigns.

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Black Rabbit Coffee House

Kelowna's Back rabbit Coffee House

This new cafe has opened next to Basil & Mint in the retail floor of the Playa Del Sol buildings. It is a small and sweet little coffee shop with an edge selling baked goods, sandwiches and the expertly crafted coffee. It’s the best spot to grab a cup if you’re a tourist or a local in the lower mission.

Deville Coffee Co.

I love how this location was once a Starbucks and is now a local Canadian founded gem. Usually it’s the other way around! Deville’s aesthetic is chic and simple with a keen eye for what Millenials and Gen Z’s love: plants, the best lighting for Instagrammable photos and one of the best spots for coffee in Kelowna. It’s one of my favourite locations to meet for a quick business meet up or with the girls before we wander over to my favourite local bookshop, Mosaic Books located across the street.

Analog Coffee

New to the downtown Kelowna scene is Analog Coffee. Owned by the same people from Deville, Analog is located in the North End area and caters to professionals, locals and tourists who prefer the fresh take on downtown – Hello Water One high rise bringing in new high end businesses.

Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters

Formerly Canoe Coffee Roasters due to a trademark conflict from the USA, Bright Jenny provides the same great coffee as before but not with an added space called the Bright Lab where you can rent out or go to learn about brewing coffee.

Bright Jenny is located in the North End which isn’t far from downtown but is still tucked far enough away where it only serves locals in the know and the surrounding industrial businesses. Order a deconstructed latte or a $3 flat white on Thursdays along with an addictive slice of “croissant crack”. Their large patio is where you’ll be spending the afternoon in the Okanagan sun with an icy nitro cold brew.

Good news! You can subscribe to their coffee subscriptions and have the best coffee in Kelowna shipped to your house!


ThirdSpace is a very hip coffee shop does great things in the community. Located in the Landmark District serving the office buildings located above and surrounding area, you can order cocktails crafted with locally made liquors, grab a few of Sandrine’s macarons, a quick breaky to go or seasonal sandwiches and more.

I love their description and mission statement:

“It’s only fitting that Third space cafe should fall into the Third Wave coffee movement. The movement itself started as a response to the big box coffee shops. Our desire within the movement, and within the cafe is to offer something very different. We take our time tasting and assessing our espresso, steam our milk with finesse, and serve only the best to our guests. We are the artisans and craftspeople of our industry. We believe that coffee is so much more than just your morning fuel. It engages communities globally and sparks relationships and conversations here in Kelowna, and it tastes so good!”

Karat Chocolate

Coffee and cake go together like a hot tub on a winter’s night. Karat Chocolate is Kelowna’s premier chocolate shop but it is more than just chocolate. I mean where else in the world can you go to get a delicious dessert that looks like an apple or peach? Their chocolates and desserts are dreamy and they whip up a mean cappuccino too! My mom and I went here to enjoy some goodies while baby slept during maternity leave. Their lemon poppyseed croissant is very popular as well! Split it with someone you love. Ice cream sundaes are served during the summer months.

Sprout Bread

The secret is out on Sprout. There’ll probably be a line up out the door for an expertly made coffee of your choice – as you might have guessed I am a cappuccino gal – and watch them work in the back! There’s a little window right where you can dress up your coffee any way you like so you can see them rolling and shaping their homemade dough made from wild yeast and gaze as they peel the loaves out of the oven. Their breakfast menu will make you want to stay a while longer!

Slowside Coffee Bar

A new addition to the Kelowna scene for 2022 is Slowside Coffee Bar from Sprout Bread. They’ve opened a secondary coffee bar featuring slow drip, hence the slow side, right next door! It’s got an intimate vibe as compared to Sprout and certainly helps reduce the line up out their first location. It’s to serve the grab and go crews or those who want a coffee and a quick pastry where as Sprout is more for those who like to linger over brunch.

Pulp Fiction Coffee House

The Pulp Fiction Coffee House is a great space to hideaway for an afternoon. The antique shop next door with pulp fiction books, statues, reproduction prints and posters is the real draw other than their delicious coffee. It is popular with students looking for free wifi and space to get away from roommates. You can’t miss Pulp Fiction as it rests at the end of the rainbow crosswalk downtown Kelowna.

Sandrine’s French Pastry & Chocolate

Sandrine’s is a personal favourite with her authentic French pastries that cannot be found as impeccably made anywhere else in the Okanagan Valley. From macarons, croissants, galette de rois, the brand new New York rolls, and her beautiful gem like chocolates. You can enjoy coffees or hot chocolates at Sandrine’s at the outdoor patio or inside at the pass. Bon matin!

So how about it? Want to meet for coffee sometime?

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The best coffee shops in Kelowna, BC, Canada
The best coffee shops in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Updated annually!


  1. We love going to Black Rabbit Coffee House and Bright Jenny! Top notch coffee and service 🙂 Next you need to do a post on Kamloops coffee shops & roasters!

  2. Nice article, but what about the coffee? True, taste is subjective, but what about the coffee? A few of these places are nothing short of offensive to the taste buds, not to mention horrible uninspired product from places trying waaay to hard to be trendy.

    There are amazing places (some are on this list) for coffee in kelowna that you overlooked staffed by passionate people who work extremely hard and almost always with a smile. They might not all be trendy but they are out there from the large crowded corporate place to the one man shop providing office workers with their midday boost.

    These gems are out there, let’s all go explore.

    1. As you said taste is subjective. We like these places for taste, atmosphere and experience of staff.
      Every single one of these places offer a unique product so we completely disagree with your comment about “uninspired product”.
      This list is updated annually to reflect experience and taste as well as adopt to the changing landscape within our food scene.
      If you feel other places should be included then be sure to leave them a good review on Google to help boost their business.

      Thank you for your passionate comment.

  3. Great article but I’m not sure you know that Deville Coffee is not local. It is owned by a fast food corporation out of Alberta. Not that it matters but I would hate for locals to think that it is a Kelowna company.

    1. Hi Brandy,

      thank you for taking the time to comment and point that out. We did know that but added “Canadian owned gem” instead of “local gem” to ensure people know it is a Canadian company and not an Okanagan company. Appreciate it!

  4. I am from Bangladesh. I will be coming there as soon as the pandemic is over and when I get there I’ll be sure to grab a cup from these. Can’t resist myself when it it about coffee. LOL

  5. I love posts like this! Great heads up of the true coffee shops in the area!
    The Turmeric Latte Instagram pic took by surprise – looks awesome )
    Thanks for sharing

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