Ethereal Turquoise Kalamalka Lake + 1 Day Okanagan Itinerary Ideas

Kalamalka Lake is a taste of the Caribbean with its teal blue waters in the summertime! Visitors to the Okanagan are most familiar with the Okanagan Lake but one of my favourite spots to SUP board is Kalamalka Lake in Lake Country. See why in the video!


A short 30-40 minute drive from Kelowna is Kalamalka Lake is located in Lake Country, BC. It is my preferred lake for SUP boarding, cliff jumping and general lounging in the sun on those famous Okanagan summer days.


I mean the colour for one brings to mind the ethereal blue of the Caribbean. This vibrant blue is caused by the summertime warm waters reacting with the dissolved limestone in the water giving it a surreal and vibrant hue of teal.

Kalamalka Lake, BC, Canada

Kalamalka Lake, BC is famed for its blue ethereal Caribbean lake appearance during the famous Okanagan summers. Surrounded by ponderosa pines and douglas fir trees as well as small patches of vineyards it is a surreal pocket that is uniquely Okanagan! Kalamalka Lake is also smaller in comparison to Okanagan Lake so there aren’t as many motorized boats on the water. This makes it a calmer place to enjoy SUP boarding. 

Kalamalka Lake, BC


Amazingly, this little lake used to be a military practice ground and has been known to harbour live unexploded ordinance from WWII. Should you visit Kalamalka and find any UXO you must call 911 immediately! Rarely hikers, boaters and recreational swimmers have found UXO embedded within the muddy bottom of the lake. 


If you’re looking to fill an entire day around Kalamalka lake there are plenty of activities to keep you, your friends or family preoccupied. Choose a few of these suggested activities below to fill your time for a classic Okanagan day.

Itinerary 1: Explore the Okanagan food scene

  • Be sure to check out both Gatzke Orchard Farm and Pane Vino Pizzeria which are located in Oyama, an isthmus sandwiched between Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake. You’ll pass them both when heading to Kaloya Regional Park Beach (pictured in images above).

Itinerary 2: Beach Day & Wine Tasting

  • A short drive from Kalamalka Lake is Lake Country. This is home to North Okanagan wineries like 50th Parallel, Gray Monk Estates and O’Rourke Peak Cellars to name a few. Start your morning at Kalamalka to have your choice of beach spots then select any of the aforementioned wineries to have lunch. It’ll be an ideal girls or couples getaway!
View of Kalamalka lake, BC
Visit Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. The turquoise ethereal waters will transport you to the Caribbean yet has a distinct vibe with vineyards and orchards in the immediate area.


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