Best Okanagan Patios For Your Summer

Where are the best Okanagan patios for summer sipping? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot lately and my answers always vary. It depends on what you’re looking for exactly; is it a view, casual yet communal or a cozy and intimate atmosphere? I’ve broken it down listing each special attribute for each location.

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Best Patios For a View

Winery Restaurant Patios (from south to north Okanagan)

These are my favourite Okanagan patios that are located at a winery and offer excellent dinning options.

  1. Burrowing Owl, Oliver, BC
    – Vineyard views, surrounding hills and mountains in the heart of Canada’s wine capital.
  2. Terrafina at Hester Creek Estate Winery, Oliver, BC
    – Cozy atmosphere on the patio of this winery that feels like a Napa getaway with rustic finishes and hearty pizza lunches.
  3. See Ya Later Ranch, OK Falls
    – The best view of the entire valley can be found at SYLR! Take a seat on their patio or at a picnic overlooking vineyards towards the south end of Skaha Lake. It is Edenesque because it captures a view unlike anywhere else and is a historic spot with lots of character.
  4. Poplar Grove, Penticton
    – Definitely a fancy pants place for fine dinning overlooking Penticton and is well worth a stop. You should consider making reservations because it is a popular spot!
  5. Bench 1775, Penticton
    – I couldn’t leave out this favourite winery visit for a gorgeous patio experience overlooking Okanagan Lake and excellent wine.
  6. Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards, Peachland
    – At the crux of Okanagan Lake bend. You don’t get this view at any other establishment in the valley. Rattlesnake Island and the Okanagan mountain hills as well as views stretching back to West Kelowna and down to Penticton.
  7. The Terrace at Mission Hill Winery, West Kelowna
    – A trifecta of stunning valley views, wine, architecture and fine dinning. If weather is bad, restaurant will be closed. Blankets and heaters available for chilly evenings.
  8. Quails’ Gate Winery, West Kelowna
    – Historic property with views of the Okanagan lake and their vineyard.
  9. Frind, West Kelowna
    – North America’s only lakefront winery is a pretty fantastic accolade and we’ve got it here in the Okanagan. Beachfront with casual yet delicious eats. Bubble dinning during the winter.
  10. Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna
    – Iconic for their sparkling wine, the pyramid and the view of Okanagan Lake facing West Kelowna. Open no matter the weather.
  11. Home Block at CedarCreek Winery, Kelowna
    – The newly built CedarCreek winery now offers a state of the art architectural experience overlooking Okanagan lake. Food and wine are excellent. Open no matter the weather.
  12. Arrowleaf Cellars, Lake Country
    – Order your meal at the cafe and grab a patio seat if you can, they’re always in high demand, just like their cream puffs!
  13. Gray Monk Winery, Lake Country
    – Views of the norther portion of Okanagan lake over decent food (can be hit or miss) and wine.
  14. O’Rourke Peak Cellars, Lake Country
    – A smaller dinning menu but awesome patio furniture for a larger group (pre-book) overlooking their vineyard and mountains.
  15. Block One at 50th Parallel Winery, Lake Country
    – Although the view of the lake is lovely the experience is cozy with the patio located between the tasting room and the cellar. A rock wall waterfall and covered dinning create an intimate space.

Restaurants With a Patio

  1. The Bear, The Fish, The Root, The Berry, Osoyoos
    – This Indigenous restaurant is not to be missed because of its trifecta of patio offering views of the Osoyoos wine region, excellent food and killer cocktails.
  2. Oak & Cru, Delta Hotel, Kelowna
    – A solid dinning experience with limited patio seating. But if you can grab a spot on the patio it is well worth it!
  3. Eldorado Resort, Kelowna
    – An iconic patio experience in the Okanagan. On the dock, the indoor/outdoor patio of the dinning room, or the patio bar. No bad choices here! It is a place to see and be seen.
  4. Salt & Brick/Sunny’s Diner/Jack’s, Kelowna
    – Take your pic. All 3 have the same view of the Kelowna Marina and the sails statue. Excellent for people watching and all 3 have great food and street side patios.
  5. Craft Beer Market, Kelowna
    – Rooftop patio and cold beer overlooking the downtown waterfront.
  6. Earls on Top, Kelowna
    – For the longest time this was the only roof top patio in Kelowna. I rarely suggest chains but this old familiar has a view that can’t be missed.
  7. Diner Deluxe, Kelowna
    – The best brunch in the city with a view of the Gyro beach volleyball courts and a peak-a-boo of the kite surfers through the beach tree line on windy days.
  8. Elma, Penticton
    – I love Elma’s Turkish inspired menu. And with two patios, one downstairs along the street and one indoor with large retractable doors that give you the outdoor experience in any weather. Waterfront dinning at its best.
  9. The Hooded Merganser, Penticton
    – Penticton Lakeside Resort’s restaurant is a brunch favourite with on the water dinning. You can’t get closer than this!
  10. Naramata Inn, Naramata
    – A historic inn with a large porch big enough for dinning tables of up to 6+ or a wine bar in the back with a cobblestone patio. It is intimate and with new alterations, it is Okanagan fine dinning in the Naramata Village.
  11. Kelowna Yacht Club or Cactus Club, Kelowna
    – Not everyone can get into the Yacht Club unless you are a member or know someone who is. Which is why, just this once, I’ll suggest the Cactus Club chain as an alternative. Both offer excellent dinning with a view of the marina. Places to people watch and strut your stuff.
  12. Pane Vino, Oyama
    – This charming family run pizzeria has a comfortable patio in the most visually stunning isthmus in Canada!

Breweries with a Great Patio

While there are many Okanagan breweries with patios, these are my favourites for their unique atmospheres and communal vibes.

  1. Cannery Brewing, Penticton
    – This patio offers a communal feeling and brings in food trucks.
  2. Slackwater Brewing, Penticton
    – Street side patio in downtown Penticton makes for a great place to people watch.
  3. Bad Tattoo, Penticton
    – Covered patio in downtown Penticton makes you feel apart of it all in any weather.
  4. Kettle River Brewing and Provisions, Kelowna
    – 5 star dinning at this upgraded patio hidden within the Industrial area of the North End.
  5. Rustic Reel, Kelowna
    – The ultimate patio that is also dog friendly. This brewery is the definition of communal dinning with cozy charm in the developing North End.
  6. Red Bird, Kelowna
    – Patio vibes and they’re expanding. Good beer and a great place to catch some Okanagan sun in an Industrial part of Kelowna.
  7. Shoreline Brewing, Kelowna
    – The only brewery that is this close to a beach. I love it because it has a perfect view of the Gyro volleyball courts and every once and a while you can see the kite surfers through the tree line.

Coffee Shops with Great Patios

  1. Wayne & Freda, Penticton
    – Looking for great coffee in Penticton not far from the waterfront? Check out Wayne & Freda with a lovely communal patio.
  2. Kin & Folk, Penticton
    – Their current popup cafe offers a charming courtyard to nibble on heart brunch and al fresco dinners. Keep an eye out for their new and permanent location coming soon.
  3. Bright Jenny, Kelowna
    – This coffee shop is so much more and hidden away in the industrial area of Kelowna not far from the breweries in the North End. A tucked away courtyard area makes it a place to while away the hours over a cup.
  4. Sprout, Kelowna
    – This bread shop serves up delicious dishes and expertly crafted brews on Cannery Lane in downtown Kelowna.
  5. Black Rabbit, Kelowna
    – Mission/Pandosy area has welcomed a new coffee shop with delicious baked goods, sandwiches and a patio not far from the Rotary Beach and the Eldorado Resort.
  6. Eurobean, Kelowna
    – This coffee shops is located across from the Kelowna Art Gallery in the Delta Resort. Solid coffee options and a great patio for people watching.

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