Incredible Löyly Floating Sauna & Cold Plunge Experience in Kelowna, BC

Winter has arrived here in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It’s hard to believe that only mid July fluffy white snow finally fell to cover our city. With the cold seemingly staying there’s something new to do in the city this winter to warm up and, well, freeze. Kelowna’s Löyly Floating Sauna and cold plunge is located on the Okanagan Lake and offers guests an experience unlike anything in BC before! Guests of Löyly can warm up in the sauna with a window overlooking Okanagan Lake and the marina, then after 10 minutes, they can hop into the cold plunge pool to cool down for 2 minutes or as long as it suits them.

What is Löyly?

Click play to hear the Finnish pronunciation.

Pronounced Louu-lou, it is a Finnish word to mean spirit of life but it also means the actual sauna steam. The experience was brought to Kelowna by Jenniffer and Nick Rastas who experienced Löyly in Australia.

It’s particularly special because in Kelowna, the city tends to block such unique and progressive experiences and businesses. It is one of the reasons we have so few spaces for food trucks to gather and plenty of other issues I won’t get into.

I couldn’t wait to experience Löyly Floating Sauna and Cold Plunge but also embraced the fear of having to dunk myself in the Okanagan Lake in the middle of winter. I don’t tend to do well with cold water in my shower. I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be able to submerge myself up to my shoulders.

Can’t Make it to Kelowna? Cold Plunge at Home!

What to expect?

You need to bring some items for your experience to go smoothly. But first the booking process can be completed online. You can book a single session to be experienced with up to 5 other people or you can book the entire floating sauna and cold plunge as a private experience for up to 6-7 people.

Once you find a time slot that works for you, show up about 5 minutes before your appointment to sign any paperwork and waivers. It also may take a moment to clean the facility before you enter if prior guests are just finishing up. Take this time to photograph or walk around the dock.

Once inside there are 3 change rooms and a mud room. Take off your shoes and socks in the mud room and place them beneath the benches. Then head to a change room to get into your bathingsuit. You are given a fabric storage box to place your belongings which then go into the mud room until you’re done. 

The entire area is quite compact so you’ll be getting cozy with whomever you are booked with.

We were advised to to a cold plunge first but decided to hop into the sauna as we were already a little cold and also, let’s be frank, fearful.

There are timers on the wall of the sauna and you’re advised to stay inside for 10 minutes before you head into the cold plunge for 2 minutes – or as long as you can last. Some try 4 minutes while others, like me, can only last for 30 seconds. Then it is back into the sauna to repeat the process until your booking slot is up.

What to bring?

I completely forgot to read the confirmation email but here’s what to bring should you also overlook it…

  • 1 hand towel or towel to use in the sauna. You use this towel to sit on the bench of the sauna
  • I’d suggest 2 towels. 1 to dry yourself after your experience the plunge pool in Okanagan Lake and 1 to dry yourself before leaving the facility. Otherwise it is really hard to put your clothes on with damp skin.
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Bathing suit – maybe consider wearing your bathing suit on your way there
Löyly Floating sauna and cold plunge on Okanagan Lake

Does the cold plunge exposure hurt?

I was really surprised at how the most painful part of my body were my shins and toes. There’s little fat there so it makes sense. However, overall I wouldn’t say it is a painful experience. It actually becomes quite enjoyable and easy to get in. It is the staying in part that was hard for me. I lasted longer than any of my family members at 30 seconds which is a far cry from 2 minutes. But you can build up to this and with continued experience you’ll be able to calm your mind and reap the benefits of cold exposure.

Why would someone do this at all?

The Löyly sauna and cold plunge experience has many benefits that might surprise you.

  • Boosts energy levels – I experienced such a body high afterwards
  • Increases circulation – my toes were not cold as they normally are and haven’t been in the days since actually.
  • Enhances immune function – I am fascinated by Wim Hof and suggest you watch his episode featured on episode 2 of The GOOP Lab’s Netflix series.
  • Promotes faster muscle repair and is a huge must for professional athletes
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your skin

So tell us, would you try this experience?

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Löyly Floating sauna and cold plunge on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna

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