JW Black Label Scotch Cocktail by Bar Travelling Man

The UK countryside is some of the most stunning and peaceful places in the world and being British, this was a staple to our lifestyle back home.

This cocktail reminds me of my past with every sip having lived in a small village. Shrubs are a common thing in the countryside and blackberries are delicious and everywhere! Walking over fallen berries was the reason why I had chosen the Whiskey Smash as my template.

This British inspired Whiskey Smash works perfectly to showcase JW Black Label Scotch. This Whiskey is blended with 12-year-old whiskies from all 4 corners of Scotland, which leads to a smooth tasting whiskey with a rich character of dark fruits, hints of sweet vanilla and a nice smoky lingering finish! The blackberry in this drink adds a fruity note to a refreshing, yet smoky creation with the unique profile of the JW Black Label Scotch.
The perfect drink to showcase my past memory!

Helpful tips

What if I don’t have bitters?

You can easily substitute bitters for these options although the results will vary based on which you choose. For this specific drink we are using Bittered Sling Clingstone Peach bitters so you might want to consider Campari.
Campari: 4 dashes = 1/4 teaspoon Campari
Absinthe: 4 dashes = 1/4 teaspoon Absinthe
Amaro: 4 dashes = 1/4 teaspoon Amaro

How do you make honey syrup?

If you don’t have honey syrup by Monin or a similar brand you can easily make honey simple syrup at home by blending equal parts water and honey. You can find a great and quick recipe at Liquor.com

If you’re looking for recommended barware to enhance your cocktail game then please consider shopping from Harry’s site – BarTravellingMan.com – where you can find everything he uses in the recipe video and so much more. If you want a fully build cocktail and you’re in the Okanagan area you can order one of his expertly curated cocktail kits here.

Striding Through The Countryside

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Recipe by Harry Dosanj of BarTravellingMan.com



  • Add blackberries to your glass of choice such as a whiskey glass or a Tanqueray etched rock glass as pictured. Muddle, crushing the berries to release their flavour.
  • Add the JW Black Label Scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup, bitters. Stir.
  • Place your garnishes such as the rosemary and lemon wheel.
  • Top with ice and serve.


  • Don’t have bitters? No problem. Some great bitters substitutes are:
    Campari 4 dashes bitters = ¼ teaspoon Campari.
    Absinthe 4 dashes bitters = ¼ teaspoon absinthe.
    Amaro 4 dashes bitters = ¼ teaspoon Italian amaro.
  • You can find an affordable honey syrup by Monin or make your own with a recipe here.

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