8 Things to do in Revelstoke (with or without kids)

Revelstoke is a year round visiting destination. There are plenty of things to do in Revelstoke although it does slow down come mid-October as anticipation for winter arrives. We visited at the end of July for a quick and easy getaway to the mountain town from the Okanagan Valley. The hiking trails in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest is a bucket list activity.  Aside from the scenery and mountainscapes there are many unique things to do in Revelstoke. Here are a few of our favourites from our most recent trip to the interior of British Columbia, Canada.
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The Enchanted Forest

Founded by a couple in 1960 who made and cleared everything by hand, the Enchanted Forest is now home to over 350 folk art figurines. Wether you find them unsettling or whimsical, it is a hit with weary travelling families wanting a space to stretch their legs and maybe climb a crooked tree house.

There are so many little fairy tale references throughout the hike but what I loved was how it brought us into this special rainforest to hike and watch the light pierce through the canopy high above. While the kids were marvelling at the little scenes I was loving the spaces in between.

3 Valley Gap and ghost town in Revelstoke

Three Valley Gap

Three Valley Gap chateau and ghost town was really one of my favourite moments during our visit. Located just outside Revelstoke, 3 Valley Gap is located on 3 Valley Lake.

We had plans to stay at the Three Valley Gap but it being the end of July and since the resort offers no air conditioning, we opted for the Revelstoke Sutton Place but would consider a stay next time earlier in the season. However, if you do stay here you get a discounted admission into the Ghost Town located behind the hotel.

The ghost town is suited with old automobiles, old train cars to wander, school houses, saloons, jail houses, and so much more from the 1800s.

The gold rush had many calling this area home and when it went bust so did these little communities. Many of the buildings have actually been saved or brought in from ghost towns and communities in the surrounding area.

There’s a mini train that tours through a swamp area passing an ancient tree. Between you and me you can skip this if you don’t have small children.

It makes for a haunting but educational visit for the Kids getting a glimpse of how people used to live.

Revelstoke Railway Museum

I was really surprised how much my kids loved their visit to the Revelstoke Railway Museum. You can tour the railcars, peak into what life was like for train conductor and even work a simulator for the cost of a toonie (That’s $2 in Canadian language)

It captures the history of the Canadian Pacific railway from construction to the railway’s continued use through Western Canada’s challenging mountain ranges.

To focus the kids, they are given a scavenger hunt to complete by the end of their visit. Once they’ve found all the items they can turn it in and receive a trinket at the gift shop.

Be sure to wave to your conductor as they pass by!

riding down the alpine coaster in Revelstoke, BC

Pipe Mountain Coaster

This Alpine Coaster is suitable for ages 3 and up. You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like but top speeds are 42 km down 1.4 km of track. There are two tracks so you can go at the same time as a friend but it veers in various directions. A huge bonus, you can get a video to capture your experience at the Photobooth located at the end of the track in the Revelstoke mountain resort village. I can’t tell you how many people I saw trying to capture their ride down on their phone only to loose track of where they were and stop on the track. Don’t be one of these people. You really don’t need it with their video. You can see a clip of my husband and son going down the track and an aerial shot all provided by the photobooth.

Revelstoke mountain resort

There’s lots to do in the resort from axe throwing and spas but my number one thing to recommend is the revelation gondola. In 20 minutes you climb 3820 feet. I’ve been on the Gondola in whistler and this was by far the steepest vertical climb to the summit I’ve ever experienced. Head to the top after two gondola rides up and enjoy a beer, hiking and of course the views.

Revelstoke golf club

Revelstoke Golf Club

It may have a short season but this historic golf club is a must for novices and pros alike. With 9 or 18 holes of golf, it was super easy for us out of towners to book a tee time on their website. The scenery along the Columbia River, the mountain ranges, oh guys you can’t go wrong.

Established in 1912 and becoming a force in 1924 after WW1 golf craze – you can golf up to 6537 yards on a historic site.
Tip: Watch for bear scat and bring mosquito repellent!

Revelstoke food scene

We were impressed with the food scene of this little mountain town. Places like Quartermaster, Chubby Funsters and a little food truck in the Revelstoke Mountain village were some stand outs over the weekend we were there with the kiddos. There’s so much more to explore!

In fact, Taryn and I are determined to return to do our series of 24 hours of eating in…

Revelstoke downtown scene and activities

The downtown scene in Revelstoke is super energetic and supportive. You really get the feeling of the community as they emerge to check out the live music held during Revy Live Outside which includes 58 days of live music during the summer nights. In September you can experience LUNA fest as part of their cultural days which involves glowing night scenes, art installations, music and food.

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