The Delicious Richmond Dumpling Trail

The Richmond Dumpling Trail is as delicious as it sounds. Tourism Richmond has provided various ways to explore the local food scene including a dumpling trail featuring authentic Asian eats. 70% of Richmond’s population identifies as Asian while 60% were born overseas. This unique demographic has created a stand out food scene that needs to be explored. 

Located only 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Richmond is considered a municipality of Metro Vancouver. You can reach Richmond by skytrain and home to the Vancouver International Airport you just might want to take a layover in this foodie town to explore it further.

You might have heard of Richmond for its popular Night Market event that occurs annually from May to October – it’s North America’s largest night market and features unique and wild foods that borderline carnival eats with prominent Asian cuisine.

But Richmond offers unique eats year round and with the help of the Dumpling Trail (named as one of THE foodie trails by CNN), you can explore the food scene like a local.

With 20 stops offering twelve iconic dumpling varieties you’ll want to bring friends and travel hungry.
Taryn and I didn’t know what to expect as this was our first real foodie trail that we’ve set out on with foods we aren’t as familiar with as we’d like to be. I have always been a huge fan of dim sum and make a point to experience it each time I visit San Francisco. Now that I have discovered Richmond’s Dumpling Trail, I’ll be visiting purely for the dumplings,

Images from Tourism Richmond

During our 24 hours of eating in Richmond, Taryn and I had two bucket list dumplings to check off.
1. Báh Bôt Loc: A pork and shrimp filled tapioca dumpling slipperier than a freshly caught BC salmon.
2. Xiao Long Bao: The famous soup dumpling that contains pork and a rich, salty broth served pipping hot.

Using the map provided by Visit Richmond we randomly selected two locations that serve our bucket list dumplings. The website and brochure conveniently show where you can find each of the twelve dumplings along the trail. Many locations offer more than a few dumplings to make checking off your dumpling bucket list a little easier.

The only place on the map where you can get the infamously slipper dumplings known as Báh Bôt Loc is Bâhn Mi Très Bon. Like most of our stops, Bâhn Mi Très Bon is located within a strip mall next to a large Walmart parking lot. It’s busy but you can score free parking and walk to the restaurant. The interior is an intimate setting fit with a grab and go cafe, a piano and bar service.

Aside from their namesake they have excellent and authentic Thai dishes to choose from including the Báh Bôt Loc dumpling (that Taryn had such a hard time with in the video) as well as Chrysanthemum and beef tenderloin salad, Báhn Kot – an eggy yet crispy fried rice crepe with mini shrimps and delightful floral gin based drinks.


Moving on, we went to the complete opposite of the spectrum, the interior of a mall food court. For only $10 we were able to get a freshly made and authentic soup dumpling in an unassuming food court filled with locals who already know. As we approached the counter of our vendor, R&H Chinese, we were able to watch two women fill and fold dumplings (see video)

Now, these dumplings aren’t as difficult to pick up but it might take a little getting used to while eating. The hot dumplings are filled with pork and a salty, rich broth that can be incredibly hot. It is best to tackle it by first biting the top of the dumpling then slurping to get the delicious soup. 

If you’ve perused social media you might have seen some viral videos of larger soup dumplings coming equipped with a straw. These are a far cry from that but the idea is the same. You can to capture as much as the broth as possible before dribbling over your chin or onto your lap. After that the pork and silky dumpling is pure deliciousness!

We loved the surprising places the Richmond Dumpling Trail took us during our 24 hours of eating in Metro Vancouver. What’s your favourite dumpling?


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