24 hours of eating: Downtown Los Angeles restaurants + Grand Central Market

Ready to take a bite out of iconic Downtown Los Angeles restaurants? Buckle up, because we’re diving into 24 hours of pure culinary bliss in one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in the city. From the edgy Arts District to the vibrant streets of Little Tokyo, late-night drinks, and the iconic Grand Central Market, this guide will have you eating like a local in no time.

So, join me as we eat our way through Downtown Los Angeles restaurants and markets. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a single bite.

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Grand Central Market

If you only can choose one spot to check out while Downtown Los Angeles, the Grand Central Market is it! This iconic market has been around since 1917 and is home to 40 vendors serving LA focused dishes and yet the market serves cuisine from around the world. From El Salvador’s pupuserias to Japan’s ramen and truly the best Mexican tacos with an LA twist I have ever tasted. The Grand Central Market is a stop you cannot miss if you love food! 

Arts District

The Arts District is famous for its extensive street art and murals. The colourful and often large-scale artworks adorn many of the neighbourhood’s buildings, making it an open-air gallery that attracts photographers and art enthusiasts.

The Arts District is a hub for artists, designers, and creatives. It’s a place where you’ll find artist studios, creative agencies, and spaces dedicated to fostering artistic collaboration and innovation.

Foodies flock to the Arts District for its diverse and trendy dining options. From high-end restaurants like Bestia to casual eateries like Wurstküche, the neighbourhood offers a variety of culinary experiences. Coffee shops and breweries, such as Angel City Brewery, add to the district’s lively atmosphere.

One of our most memorable bites was had at Bestia in the Los Angeles Arts District. This trendy area is home to many popular Downtown Los Angeles restaurants including Girl and the Goat. If we could do it over again we would stay in the Arts District or Little Tokyo because frankly, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles it wasn’t very walking friendly and lacked vibrancy that these two neighbourhoods possess. 

Little Tokyo – Wolf + Crane

Little Tokyo is one of only three official Japantowns in the United States, and it’s a hub for Japanese-American culture and history. The neighbourhood celebrates its heritage through various cultural events, festivals, and museums.

We asked our waitress to recommend a spot for great cocktails in the area. She couldn’t help but found a co-worker who recommended The Wolf + Crane which has one of the largest Japanese Whiskey selections in North America. While I loved the interior that felt like a street corner in Japan, there were only two bartenders to the entire crowd which made for slow service. Later that evening at around 10 pm, the dance floor and disco ball was ready for a party!

Late Night Drinks With a View – Lo La Lo Rooftop

I love a good view and AC Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles was really a great score at the Lo La Lo Rooftop bar. I first discovered this spot through a list of top bars with a view via Eater. We reserved a spot online on our way to the AC Hotel 5 minutes before arriving. We were able to walk right onto the outdoor patio surrounded by LA Dodger fans who just got out of a game. We also noticed that many of the patrons were women decked out and couldn’t get into the 3-4 other bar/clubs also located in the AC Hotel. The most incredible patio bar at the Downtown Los Angeles AC Hotel is Golden Hour or Mother of Pearl, both with views and what looks like a VIBE. But if you’re like us and not dressed for it or you want something a bit more relaxed, Lo La Lo is your spot.

Reflecting on my gastronomic escapade through Grand Central Market and Bestia, I can confidently say LA’s food scene is on another level. Grand Central Market is a chaotic, flavour-packed haven where every bite is an adventure, from fiery tacos that make your taste buds dance to pastries so good they should be illegal.

Then there’s Bestia. Walking into this spot feels like stepping into the heart of culinary cool. The industrial-chic vibes set the stage for some seriously innovative dishes that are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious. Each plate is a masterpiece, bursting with flavours that challenge the norm and redefine what great food can be.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your eating game in LA, be sure to watch our video and take notes. Your taste buds will be thanking you, and you’ll have some killer stories (and pics) to show for it.

Stay hungry, stay curious, and keep chasing those epic food moments. Until next time, foodies! 🍽️🔥

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Downtown Los Angeles restaurants + Grand central market

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