15 Restaurants To Impress For Date Night in Kelowna

Where to go for date night in Kelowna? My hubby and I have been asking ourselves this monthly since he first moved in with me back in 2007. Luckily, this last decade we’ve seen more options than ever before with new locations. If you really want to splurge on each other and impress your date then then these are the finest for date night in Kelowna! Charming atmospheres, some with outstanding views, all with impeccable food and a large bill can be a recurring theme. But hey, this date night is to impress and these will deliver the wow factor you may be looking for.

15. Frankie, We Salute You!

Date night in Kelowna just went plant based. If your date is looking for a plant based menu then bring them to the very stylish Frankie, We Salute You!. Their wine list is all natural and local options but their cocktail menu sings with honeydew margarita, haskap berry whiskey sour and plenty more to begin an evening out. If you aren’t particularly excited about a vegetarian menu don’t despair, their dishes are big on flavour. You’ll be dinning out sans meat more often! Order the sweet corn queso, burger and vegan sushi.

Who will it impress: Vegan or Vegetarian date or someone who likes to try new restaurants before their friends.

14. Salt & Brick

Salt and Brick Kelowna, BC, Canada

Downtown dining at its best. Playful dishes that change seasonally if not more often, this wine bar serves up local wines and BC brews. The atmosphere is cheerful with colourful floral wallpaper and a neon sign that will light up your Instagram feed. With a small seating capacity make sure to have a reservation!

Who will it impress: Foodies who want to be surprised and good wine. The Instagrammer who wants a pic against the floral wallpaper AND the neon sign.

13. Krafty Kitchen

You might recognize Chef Chris Shaften from Top Chef Canada but you’ll definitely recognize the hiphop artists adorning the walls, a recurring theme at Krafty Kitchen which also hosts a hiphop brunch on the weekends. It’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere with unique dishes like their delicious famous beef tartar, the General’s Tofu and buttermilk fried chicken with house made hot sauce.

Who will it impress: Foodies who have an appreciation for hiphop. Fans of Top Chef Canada.

12. Oak & Cru

Located inside the Delta Grand Lobby is Oak & Cru. The mere fact that it is inside a popular hotel chain might turn some people off but if you’re date doesn’t want to leave the comforts of Kelowna’s most expensive resort then Oak & Cru is a very fine choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I personally enjoy the patio on a summers day or evening but it can be difficult to come by. Some solid plates are the meat + dairy board, the halibut as pictured above, and the O + C burger, although like many of these restaurants the menu is seasonal and can change drastically.

Who will it impress: Get a seat on the patio or else you’re just dinning at a good hotel restaurant. It’s all about that view and the sunshine!

11. RauDZ

This is Kelowna’s “go-to” fine dinning restaurant. It has the guide of a casual atmosphere but it is run by Canadian celeb chef Rod Butters. Order a seasonal martini made with local fruit puree or select from their extensive wine list featuring Okanagan, Similkameen and BC coastal wineries. The crab cappuccino and RJB beef tenderloin burger with poached crab and bacon will make you understand why it is the most popular restaurant in downtown Kelowna. No reservations so get there early at 5:00 pm or be willing to wait!

Who will it impress: Someone who enjoys the classics with a twist at Kelowna’s OG of farm to table dinning. This place kinda started it all and put Kelowna on the map after all.

10. Waterfront Wines

Chef Mark Filatow just knows the way to my stomach and wallet. His food is always stellar.
Maybe the biggest nod to this restaurant is the fact that it was THE ONLY Okanagan restaurant named in the massive compilation that is “Where Chefs Eat.” I love it for its foie gras topped with gelée, usually made from a local Gewurtzraminer or sometimes a local fruit like cherries. You can never go wrong with the beef or the duck for dinner options.

Who will it impress: A foodie looking to be treated to a delicious evening out at one of Kelowna’s most notable restaurants.

9. Waterfront Cafe

Chef Filatow added Waterfront Cafe, in this hidden area behind the hospital, where you can get breakfast, lunch and early dinner. You can also grab quality coffees made to go or to stay. It is too conveniently located in the same building as my maternity doc in behind the hospital. I stopped in quite often for a coffee and something sweet after an appointment. My husband and I celebrated Mother’s Day there on a beautiful Sunday evening seated on the patio with a view of the beach across the street.
I am partial to their breakfast menu so it is a great date for any time of day. Grab their Huevos Rancheros for breakfast. For dinner I enjoyed the Lois Lake Steelhead with ginger hollandaise and sage gnocchi, their steak and frites is also a winner.

Who will it impress: A foodie looking for a patio with a view yet is away from the downtown scene or in my case, a mom to be who wanted lakeside photos of her bump before having her baby. Also, a fantastic spot to surprise mama-to-be with a lunch or dinner after her maternity appointment as it is in the same building as the Strathcona Medical Centre.

8. Bouchons

Kelowna’s only French restaurant is keeping it classy. When you walk in you feel as though you are indeed in a bistro in Paris. They have a prix fixe menu that changes weekly. If I see crispy duck on the menu it’s what’s for dinner! But if my beloved doesn’t make an appearance then I opt for the escargots and braised rabbit casserole in mustard tarragon sauce.

Who will it impress: Someone looking to satisfy some wanderlust but can’t afford that trip to Montreal or Paris yet. Any Francophile!

7. La Bussola

A traditional Italian restaurant that has been operating downtown for as long as I can remember, La Bussola is that place you bring your potential in-laws. Although, for a date night in Kelowna it is a solid choice if you are craving fine Italian dinning. Kelowna’s premier Italian restaurant with white table cloths and attentive service you’d expect to find at a place that once had a Michelin star. I’m pretty sure nonna’s in the back making everything taste amazing, as they do. Hands down, get the veal marsala, rack of lamb or, for a pasta option, the agnolotti ai funghi!

Who will it impress: Again, bring your foodie here if they have a case of wanderlust but can’t yet go to Italy.

6. Home Block

CedarCreek is back after its massive renovation which involved a complete reimagining of the grounds. You’ll find a dedicated restaurant called Home Block open year round, unlike its previous and weather permitting predecessor. The massive new restaurant takes advantage of the sweeping views with large windows, tall ceilings and a patio you’ll want to sit for hours no matter the weather. A fire pit is a wonderful spot to enjoy a glass of wine and get an elevated view of the vineyard and Okanagan Lake. Home Block has a limited menu that changes seasonally but anything and everything is so good! For my most recent visit I thoroughly enjoyed the burrata served with prosciutto and toasted foccacia, fried chicken burger, and sticky toffee pudding done right! Now how’s that for date night in Kelowna?! Très impressive 😉

Who will it impress: Bring your date here if you’re in a bit of trouble and want to fix it. Get a bottle of CheckMate’s Chardonnay ($150+) to show them you know that this is the only Okanagan Chard to win the best in the world! Wine aficionados who enjoy pairing wines with burgers and a view.

5. Summerhill Bistro

If your date prefers organic, vegetarian or vegan options then you’ll want to bring them to Summerhill Pyramid Winery. It is a classic any time of year for its gorgeous views of Kelowna and West Kelowna, as well as their award winning Cipes Brut. They are known for their stellar sparkling wines done in the Champagne method. Oh right and I almost forgot their pyramid where each bottle spends some time during the ageing process and is thought to amplify the wines characteristics. Seasonal menu makes it hard to pin down any of my favourites for you to try but their charcuterie plate, more often than not, is worth the splurge. Try to get seating on the patio along the railing. In the spring and summer months you can occasionally watch a wedding take place from your birds eye view.

Who will it impress: Organic foodies and anyone you want to propose to. Catch a wedding while sitting on the patio 😉

4. The Eldorado Hotel

I frequent the bar because it is a little more casual in tone but The Eldorado is a historic institution in the Okanagan. It first began in 1926 by a Countess who wanted to have a place to bring her European upperclass friends when they came for a visit to the Okanagan. After a tumultuous history and the original having burned down due to electrical issues, a replica was erected. In the summertime it is a place to see and be seen while on the patio as boaters come and go wearing very little on the dock. To contrast, the wintertime is just locals and can be a very quiet and intimate space in the dinning room, ideal for date night.

Who will it impress: The local historian who wants a night out any time of year.

3. The Fixx Cafe

My family and I have been dinning at the Fixx in the Pandosy/Mission for many years. In fact, we work above them so I’d like to think I know their menu inside and out.
In the last year it was taken over by new owners who refined the previous dishes. Famed for their pasta dishes, I always opt for the Puntanesca or West Coast scallops linguine. Their steak and burgers are also killer! Try to get a spot at the bar to enjoy banter with Chef Amit and the gang.

Who will it impress: Out of towners who want to be treated like locals. The staff is super friendly!

2. The Terrace

Perhaps the most impressive restaurant with a view in the Okanagan, it’s The Terrace at Mission Hill Winery. Be prepared to drop some cash but you really won’t mind with the sprawling views, alfresco dinning with delicious fine dinning seasonal dishes. I can’t tell you what to order because their menu changes each year and they are only open from May to September, weather permitting – so get a back up reservation in case rain is in the forecast.

Who will it impress: Anyone and everyone.

If you really want to impress you can also reserve their private dinning area which was done for me on my 25th birthday – check out this amazing day!

1. Old Vines Restaurant

Another perfect date night can be found at Old Vines at Quails’ Gate Winery. I like to snag a spot outside in the summer or early fall and sip a flight of Quails’ Gate wines, order the latest seasonal menu and utterly relax the evening away. It is one of those restaurants like Mission Hill’s Terrace that makes you happy to live in the Okanagan. I’ve never had a bad meal here so try anything that strikes your fancy.

Who will it impress: Local historians who want to sip iconic Okanagan wines with a view and expertly paired food. 

date night in kelowna

date night in kelowna


  1. My mouth is water just by looking at these pictures. All these restaurants look amazing, and so many of them are close to me! Thanks for this list.

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