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In 2010 I was encouraged to travel to Italy by my art history professor who believed I was a brilliant student (her words not mine). So, being 22, eager to please a woman of that caliber who thought I was brilliant, I did just that.

Off I went to study Italian art, predominantly the Veneto region during the Renaissance and how it compared to that of Florence. In this northern region of Italy I learned that I love to travel. I deeply enjoy food on a M.F.K Fisher level. And I discovered I find wine well…intoxicating.

The 5 week journey left me with a lot of stories and many photos so on a whim in 2011, while procrastinating a 30 page paper about Indian art, I started The Wanderfull Traveler.

Since then I have been taken to some of the most amazing cities in the world, ate some incredible food, drank wine & spirits in historical locations and made a little money while doing it.

Over the years my focus has shifted from Europe to the Okanagan wine valley – my beloved home – as well as any travels, food experiences and world wine journeys I may experience. Since 2011 I have graduated, gotten married have a son and now, in 2020 I am starting my own food tour company here in Kelowna, BC, Canada.


How can I contact you? for any blog related questions. for any food tour related queries.

Where is the Okanagan?

I devote an entire page to the Okanagan, cities and its various sub-appellations. Please click here to read a brief introduction about the Okanagan Wine Region.

What is your day job?

I work at my family owned company as marketing and inside sales. We provide environmentally friendly & innovative building materials in Canada and parts of the USA. Some of our products include underlayment, surface protectors and backer board.

How can I join a food tour with you?

I was inspired to create a food tour company because so many readers asked me where they should eat, drink and experience Kelowna and the Okanagan lifestyle. Now you can join me as I host a food tour in culinary neighbourhoods in Kelowna. Book a tour here.

Podcast Interviews:
Mike The Wine Guy: The Good Life Podcast

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